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About Us

Penscil provides electronic design, systems integration and technical documentation for scientific labs, commercial manufacturers and technology consultants. Our expertise is in sea-going instruments and oceanographic applications, particularly sonar. We strive to deliver instant productivity for our customers.

Penscil was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1998. We moved our company to the San Luis Obispo area from Santa Cruz in March of 2001.

Principal Staff

John Penvenne, MSEE, PE:

John's formal training is in electrical engineering and applied ocean science. His experience includes product design and development, project management, engineering documentation and shipboard operations. He has participated on and led teams developing several new sonar products, underwater acoustic technologies and embedded systems for scientific and commercial instruments.

Laura Jean Penvenne, PhD:

Laura's formal training is in marine geophysics. Her experience includes technical writing and training for instruments and integrated systems. She has written product manuals, training guides and internal engineering documents. She has published numerous journal articles and news stories in the physical and environmental sciences and specializes in clearly portraying complex information.

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