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Here are a few examples of the projects to which we have contributed.

At right is an ocean floor tripod used by the USGS to study sediment transport in areas of high current including San Francisco Bay and the Colorado River.  Penscil developed a PC/104 system to control and acquire data from a sector scanning sonar mounted in the center.

At left is the wet end of SLOSEA's Chorro Creek water quality monitoring station, located in the Morro Bay Estuary.  This and other stations were integrated and installed by Penscil.  Penscil has contributed on many levels to the SLOSEA program.

Shown at right is the midnight deployment of a broadband single beam sonar used by Scientific Fishery Systems to detect and classify the rising alewives in Lake Michigan.  Penscil provided system design & integration and custom software development for the adaptation of a broadband ADCP to this fisheries application.

Penscil developed a custom Linux-based PC104 phased array sonar controller for the UMass Dartmouth Acoustical-Optical Platform groundfish stock assessment system. The system is shown at right.

Menlo Park SedLab

Penscil developed digital sensor and data acquisition system electronics, software and documentation for the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center settling tube sediment analysis system shown at left.  The settling tubes measure the sediment size distribution for sand-sized samples using Stokes' Law to determine equivalent spherical settling velocity.

last update 2019 October 15

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