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gold feather
What weighs more; an ounce of feathers or an ounce of gold?

The gold weighs more. An ounce of feathers weighs 28.35 grams while an ounce of gold weighs 31.10 grams.

What weighs more; a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?

The feathers weigh more. A pound of feathers weighs 453.60 grams and a pound of gold weighs 373.20 grams.


In the U.S., we use Troy ounces and pounds for measuring gems and precious metals and the Avoirdupois system for measuring everything else:

measurement system weight of an ounce ounces in a pound weight of a pound measures
Troy 31.1 g 12 373.2 g precious metals, gemstones
Avoirdupois 28.35 g 16 453.6 g everything else

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